Thursday, 28 May 2015

Story 2

Where's jak I said a zombie ok let's get out of here Isaac look a gun shop lets get Amode dan dan dan daaaan dan dan dan dan daaaan lets have a party aaaaaaaaaaaa yay Jesse WHAT CALEB! I find ak47 Isaac play the ukulele in caking fat zombie I said so Isaac hit the zombie with his ukulele ha ha ha what so funny in caming fat zombie never gets old haa raaaa lets get out of here before we became zombie tie so we ran out we find a car caleb got in the car he told us to put on our seat balts on its going to be a bampy ride mabe if you staret Isaac would not be a zombie so we killed all the zombies look there's 
A car why is there zombies around it I don't know how do we get there

Story 1

Day one i said we were on the plane and over 4,000 people had been bitten the captain was swerving beep! Are you a beep! Sir yes sir well drop then we were on land it was so silent hello I said In the distance a zombie was looking at us with a grin captain said pick up your GUNS!! raaaaaaaa!! said the zombie dave ahhhh caleb thorvin jak and Noah Isaac Isaac yo-yo-your a zombie ahhhhhhhh where's thorvin I asked.caleb jak where's Noah a zombie caleb said look it's thorvin in a ditch he found the captain and Isaac and caleb found two needles we stabbed it into them Raaa your wellcome Isaac it didn't work  on the captain so the captain bit Thorvin and ran away with the captain ahhhhhhhh I said we got to go came on caleb and Isaac END OF STORY 1