Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Road runner vs Coyote writing

SO WHAT; I have learnt that coyote can never catch road runner even when his plains are smart here are some of his plains. falling rocks,earth quake,train track theres many more but my favourite was the painting illusion he went to the edge of the cliff and he painted a illusion went around the corner so he would fall off the edge but he didn't road runner went right through the bridge so coyote went through and fell.

NEXT STEP; For coyote I would put acid in the middle of the road with bird seeds in it then road runner would eat the bird seeds then day of the acid.

Thursday, 13 October 2016

Swimming school certificate

This year I thought I did well at freestyle because i'm quiet fast at freestyle.swimming this year for me was pretty good I started of really bad but after two days I got really good at it my swimming teachers we really helping me at my swimming I think if I went swimming my mum and dad could trust me in the water.

Next step. My next step would be forward somersault and backstroke because when ever I did backstroke I would always turn sideways and not go straight.

Friday, 2 September 2016

winter sport

What: have i been involved in winter sport this year:i have  been involved in rugby this year i had i blast

So what:i think that are team did well this year was our team was working as a team i think at the start of the year we were doing terrible then we got put into grade then we got 98 to 14 we smashed!!!

Next step: we need to start tackling because the only way they got points was us not tackling

Wednesday, 25 May 2016

On the 24 of may room 10 went to travis wetlands.we had to spilt up in to two group went bird watching first we had a fantastic time.i learnt that the black shag swallowed a whole eel.then it speards it's wings out and use's the sun to heat its body up from the cold eel.

Next time a want to learn more about the underwater bugs and their names.I do now some names like waterboatmen,backswimmer,mite and leaches i really want to catch a leach

Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Basic re-craft

WALT complete the writing work shops and set follow up task 

I learnt that my teachers can be evil with lemons😈 
And that writing paragraphs is fun 
My next step is to work on my I need it to be more interesting